Monday, March 21, 2016

Registration for the 2016 PNASA Meeting

Registration is now open for next month's conference at Whitman College. Contact David Noon ( if you have any questions....
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Friday, February 5, 2016

2016 PNASA Annual Meeting CFP

Greetings! We have extended the submission deadline for this year's meeting!

 Pacific Northwest American Studies Association April 7-9, 2016

As educators, the spaces, places, and publics we create are often — and in many cases ought to be — linked to the unique human and ecological landscapes where we perform our work. In the Pacific Northwest, for example, our colleges and universities are situated within and near lands that have deep ties to American Indian communities, often creating relationships that manifest in much of the teaching we do and the academic programs we build. As we prepare for our 2016 meeting, the Pacific Northwest American Studies Association invites papers and panels addressing the ways that American Studies, American Indian Studies, and affiliated fields and disciplines can contribute to indigenizing our teaching and research such that we honor our obligations to the places in which we live, educate, and create. This year’s meeting will be held April 7-9, hosted by Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. The conference will feature keynote speakers Amy Lonetree, historian at the University of California-Santa Cruz, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mark Trahant.

The conference theme is intended as a prompt for individual papers and related panels. However, we enthusiastically welcome proposals on all topics related to American Studies, from all disciplinary and theoretical approaches. Abstracts should be sent to David Noon at Deadline for submissions is February 19.

Monday, November 24, 2014

PNASA 2015 Conference (Olympia)

Pacific Northwest American Studies Association Conference
Cultural and Ecological Restoration in the Pacific Northwest
April 23-25, 2015
South Puget Sound Community College (Olympia, Washington)
Submissions Due: February 9, 2015
Over the past two centuries, the Pacific Northwest has been a site of tremendous environmental and cultural predation as well as a site of efforts to preserve, protect, and restore the ecological, social, and cultural resources that have served as anchors for the diverse communities that comprise the region. Among other projects, American Indian, First Nations, and Alaska Native communities have labored to forestall language loss and maintain traditional subsistence practices; rural communities have organized to restore threatened watersheds and revive of old growth forests; public agencies and private landowners have collaborated to restore urban ecosystems and promote green space; and artists among other cultural producers have sought meaning in the cultural and ecological landscapes of our region. These commitments — each of them multicultural and multidisciplinary in their own ways — are worth contemplating in relation to one another, and the Pacific Northwest American Studies Association invites papers and panels addressing these themes as we prepare for our 2015 meeting in Olympia, Washington, hosted by South Puget Sound Community College.
Interested faculty and graduate students should email submissions (1-page proposal and short bio) to:
David Noon, PNASA President, at

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Conference Wrap Up and New Officers

The 2014 PNASA Conference on the theme "Native/American: Placing the Indigenous in American Studies" hosted at Central Washington University in Ellensburg was a great success. Jeannette Armstrong provided the keynote address on "Placing Indigenous Studies: The Okanagan Nation and the University of British Columbia Okanagan." Over 120 conference attendees, including PNASA members, CWU faculty and students, and local elementary school students, participated in the conference sessions, native arts & crafts exhibitions, indigenous medicine demonstrations, and a film screening.

The newly elected PNASA officers are Peter Donahue (President), David Noon (Vice President), C.J. Dosch (Treasurer), and Chris Schedler (Regional Representative to ASA). We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Conference.

Monday, September 9, 2013

PNASA Receives ASA Grant

We are pleased to announce the award of a Regional Chapters Grant from the American Studies Association to support the upcoming Pacific Northwest American Studies Association conference on the theme "Native/American: Placing the Indigenous in American Studies," April 17-19, 2014, at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. The grant award will support a Native American Studies scholar to present the keynote address at the conference and an indigenous craft fair that will introduce conference participants, the university community, and local elementary school students to Native crafts and traditions. The conference call for papers will be forthcoming.